Limited Pigtails Shirts for Sale!

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Pigtails Shirts

People were asking me before about some Pigtails merchandise, and I did some items before in a Christmas Bazaar. So now I’m selling these last pieces of Pigtails T-shirts. They are for kids and adult sizes which you can visit the close up pictures from Pigtails Facebook page and Pigtails Group Page and download the price list here.

They are heat press designs and very good quality. Log on to your Facebook and join Pigtails page or just email me if you’re interested.

By the way, this will be the last time I’m going to use these designs for shirts and other merchandise. So really limited offer. And also featured the very design that I did, which is one of my Pigtails with an umbrella which got me to keep on designing. *winks*


I’d like to thank my models who have their own Pigtails shirts to Ayesha, Gian and Chiara. Thanks a lot for wearing the cute Pigtails shirts and for being my cute and adorable models. :)

Here are the designs for the shirts.

pigtails_tshirt_cuddle01[1]pigtails_tshirt_cupcake01[1] pigtails_tshirt_fairy01[1] pigtails_tshirt_puppy01[1]



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