Pigtails Memory Game

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pigtails_memory_game[1]First download and print this on an A4 (landscape) cardboard with at least 100-150gsm thickness. You have to print it twice to make a pair. Then cut them out into squares and start playing the game. Have fun and enjoy! :)

Object of the Game:
To find as many matching pairs from the concealed cards.

The cards are shuffled and placed face-down on the table in the form of a square or rectangle.

Players decide who goes first, second, and so on. The first player starts by turning over any two cards and lets all players see them. If these two cards have different pictures on them, they are turned over again and placed back in their original places. The turn then passes to the next player. He also turns over two cards and follows the same procedure.

The game goes on until a player, using his memory, turns over two cards with the same picture. When this happens, he can remove this pair from the table and keep them. After a player collects a pair, he has a second turn as a bonus, and if he succeeds again, a third turn and so on until he turns over two cards with different pictures. When this happens, the next player takes his turn, and the game goes on.

End Game
The game ends when all pairs have been collected. the player with the most pair wins the game.


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  1. Honeylizious Rohani Syawaliah
    February 13, 2013 at 2:29 PM

    always so cute :)

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