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People have kept asking me about Pigtails shop and I really don’t have the means ($) to produce them locally (and also have to figure out where to stock them which is a bigger problem). Plus, illustrating them with limited time was tiring (=___=) but I’m very thankful to those who ordered! :)

After browsing so much time on Google, I stumble on society6.com which produces T-shirts,  hoodies, iphone casing, ipod, ipad and laptop skins, tote bags and my favorite is pillows! :) Something that helps me to upload my designs and they will be the one to print it and ship it.

So far these are the designs and products I currently have on my Pigtails Society6 Shop. Please visit and spread the word! :)

iPhone / iPod Casings and Skins

Pigtails iPhone casing availabe in Society6 Shop

Pigtails iPhone casing availabe in Society6 ShopHoodies and Shirts for men and women

Pigtails hoodie availabe in Society6 Shop

Pigtails shirt availabe in Society6 ShopLaptop and iPad Skins. Also available in iPad Mini.

Pigtails iPad availabe in Society6 ShopPigtails laptop skin availabe in Society6 Shop And my favorite, throw pillows! :)

Pigtails throw pillow availabe in Society6 Shop



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