Pigtails doodles

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 pigtails by jazmin cruz


I know I can't draw well on paper, but that doesn't stop me from doing what I love to do. Draw. :)


pigtails by jazmin cruz


Even if you're not good at drawing (look at my drawings), you can still fix it via illustrator or photoshop. (I prefer illustrator because they are vector output.)


pigtails by jazmin cruz


Ideas for my next scrapbook or digital layout. Wait for the final output! :)


Pigtails by Jazmin Cruz


For the recipe cards I'm trying to work on. Need pots, pans, ladle, ingredients...


Pigtails by Jazmin Cruz


And I got carried away with practicing for hugs and chicks. And I did like the chubby chick though~ :)


You can visit my flickr to view them clearly.



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