Pigtails Scrapbook Sample

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Like any other product out there, they give out free samples to inform the people of what they are selling. Here’s a sample of Pigtails Scrapbook embellishments. They are very cute and adorable to decorate on your journal, scrapbook, or even your planner.


It is so easy to use. Just use download the PDF zip file. Print it. Cut it. Paste it on your scrapbook or journal. I assure you, your journal will look so darn cute once you add them.



Click here to download and unzip the PDF file. If you don’t have any Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can visit, Adobe to download it. (It’s free).

I used A4 photo paper so the colors are much brighter. If you don’t have any photo paper, ordinary bond paper will do. Cut it and paste it.

That’s how simple it is. Hope you like it and enjoy.  


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